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Discord Bot Hosting | What is my service's IPv4 address? Print

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Within this guide, we aim to outline and demonstrate how you can identify your service's IPv4 address if required for whitelisting and for the included database server.

1. You must firstly navigate to the Discord Bot Hosting control panel (Pterodactyl) by clicking here, then navigate to your server.

2. You should be able to locate a hostname similar to: dbh.<number> this represents the hostsystem you are on, the hostsystem number is found within '<number>' in our example.

3. You can use the hostname and resolve such using the command: ping dbh.<number> within your Terminal/Command Prompt or use the following provided list of IPv4 addresses:


These details may also be used for the included MySQL/MariaDB database server (whilst ports are randomised per hostsystem, the IPv4 address remains the same).


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