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Discord Bot Hosting | How to access your service's phpMyAdmin control panel? Print

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Within this guide, we aim to outline and demonstrate how you can access your control panel (phpMyAdmin) for managing your databases on a Discord Bot Hosting service.

1. You must firstly navigate to the organisation-wide phpMyAdmin control panel by clicking here, you should see the following login page:

2. Once you have navigated to the phpMyAdmin control panel, locate your login information by navigating to the Discord Bot Hosting control panel (further details for accessing this control panel can be found by clicking here) then go to the 'Databases' section; use the eye icon to see your username, password and node/hostsystem information.

3. Once you have located the mentioned information, fill the 'Username' and 'Password' field accordingly, make sure to leave the 'Server' option empty and select your node/hostsystem from the 'Server Choice' dropdown. Once all the information has been correctly entered, click 'Go'.

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