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Within this guide, we aim to outline and provide what services are eligible for our internal-only Pterodactyl eggs and where they can be downloaded from.

1. You must firstly own an eligible product with us to download the following Pterodactyl eggs, the current eligible product ranges include: VPS ClassicVPS Storage, VPS Extreme and Managed Products; our Windows servers are not eligible in this case. We kindly remind you that support is not provided for these eggs in any circumstances. Additionally, please note that these Pterodactyl eggs will only function on our services, measures are taken automatically to prevent third-party services from starting servers using these eggs.

2. You can navigate to the following links to download the relevant versions of each egg, these can be directly imported into your Pterodactyl installation:
Python v3.9 Available Version: V3.0.
Java v17: Available Version: V3.0.
Java v11: Available Version: V3.0.
NodeJS v18: Latest Available Version: V3.0.
NodeJS v16: Latest Available Version: V3.0.
.NET v5.0: Latest Available Version: V3.0.


Version Changelogs

Version 3.0: Released 20th January 2023, applicable eggs: All Public Eggs.
This release rebuilds all of our images using latest RockyLinux base images as well as updates our host server for our images to another one of our domains.


Version 2.0: Released 19th February 2021, applicable eggs: Python v3.8, Java v11/v15, NodeJS v13/v14.
An option to install modules not listed within 'requirements.txt' or 'package.json' (for PIP/NPM only) similar to Discord Bot Hosting services introduced, including an auto-updater for both package managers.
- Support for Git will be added, this will allow automatic downloading of repositories listed on GitHub every time the server is restarted; applicable for both private and public repositories.
- Support for Java v15 and NodeJS v14 will be added via a new egg which will be downloadable shortly; along with a new means to notify you of which version of the eggs you are using; changelog introduced also.

Version 2.1: Released 9th September 2021, applicable eggs: All Public Eggs.
- This release moves the delivery of our images internally to our own registry infrastructure rather than Docker for reliability and performance reasons alongside avoiding newly imposed limits.

Version 2.0 NodeJS v16: Released 31st August 2021, applicable eggs: NodeJS v16.
- Initial release of our NodeJS v16 Pterodactyl egg, this includes all the standard features of versions v1.0-2.0; long-term production design so limited to no bugs are expected in this version.

Version 2.0 .NET: Released 28th June 2021, applicable eggs: .NET v5.0.
- Initial release of our .NET Pterodactyl egg, this includes all the standard features of versions v1.0-2.0; further testing is required but basic testing has been completed on this egg (bugs are to be expected).


Version 1.0: Released 16th April 2020, applicable eggs: Python v3.8, Java v11, NodeJS v13.
Initial release, this includes all basic features including necessary software to support each type of Discord Bot and an installer for NPM/PIP from either 'requirements.txt' or 'package.json'.

Version 1.1: Released 22nd December 2020, applicable eggs: Python v3.8, Java v11, NodeJS v13.
Minor adjustments and fixes, eggs are now limited to applicable services via an IP-check against our API meaning they cannot be used outside our network; respective code no longer publicly available.


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